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About Me

Hi Friends!

I'm Morgan (the blonde on the left...)
I'm a wife, "boy mom," artist, and middle school teacher. I'm independent, crafty, adventurous, and completely content watching Full House or Friends reruns while I work on my latest projects. My life is full of joy thanks to my incredible husband, hilarious baby boy, loving family, and supportive friends. These are my adventures.


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Our Goofy Halloween

So…we’re about three-weeks post Halloween, and I’m still giddy about how well our family costume turned out….

I have this thing about Disney/cartoon costumes. And not just ANY Disney/cartoon costumes…they HAVE to be homemade. And they HAVE to be elaborate. Because I’m making up for lost time…

You see, when I was a kid, we weren’t allowed to celebrate Halloween. Ask my parents and they’ll tell you a different story than my brother and I. They’ll tell you we didn’t celebrate Halloween because we were too scared of it. What ACTUALLY happened was they told us it was the Devil’s birthday. When our classrooms had Halloween parties, we had to go to the school library and read books while our classmates were bobbing for apples. Talk about a deprived childhood! And now, the drama queen (and the artist) in me lives for the opportunity to get even more creative than the year before with costumes.

Two years ago, when Bryce and I celebrated our first Halloween together, I made Bugs and Lola Bunny Tune Squad costumes from one of our favorite movies, Space Jam.

Last year, we announced our pregnancy as we wore Pokemon Go “Trainer” costumes.

I knew I wanted to do a family-theme costume this year, and I kept thinking about one of Bryce’s and my favorite movies: A Goofy Movie. I didn’t realize that so many people had never seen it. Let me stop you right here…if you’ve never seen it…go get it on Amazon Prime. Seriously, it’s one of the greatest parts of my childhood. And to be honest, growing up…I thought Powerline was a legit rockstar…

Disney/ Via reddit.com

So obviously I decided to make Max a Powerline costume, using a onesie from Primary.com and a little acrylic paint. The hat was made with a little bit of felt that I hot glued on the edges and stuffed with poly-fill. I didn’t have nearly as much time to devote to costumes this year because of….you know…life…so I made Max’s the priority. Then I quickly whipped up a “Max” costume for Bryce to wear (Goofy’s son), and a Roxanne costume for myself (Max’s “crush”), using stuff we already had laying around the house….including Bryce’s ears that I fashioned out of gym socks…

Yes…that’s a doggy chew toy microphone from the Dollar Tree. Don’t hate.

His moves are totally just as good as the original “Max” Powerline….

Disney / Via disney-reaction-gifs.tumblr.com

We didn’t go trick-or-treating this year since Max is too little to enjoy candy. Instead, we stopped at my parents’ house for them to see Max in his first Halloween costume (They didn’t send him to the library, thank goodness……..too soon???). Then we drove over to see my brother at work, and then we headed to Bryce’s parents’ so they could see Max. It was a super fun evening! I’m already looking forward to next year!!!

…also…for all you other Goofy Movie lovers out there…one of my friends from high school just put out a Powerline Live Action Music Video that you should definitely check out!!

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