About Me

About Me

Hi Friends!

I'm Morgan (the blonde on the left...)
I'm a wife, "boy mom," artist, and middle school teacher. I'm independent, crafty, adventurous, and completely content watching Full House or Friends reruns while I work on my latest projects. My life is full of joy thanks to my incredible husband, hilarious baby boy, loving family, and supportive friends. These are my adventures.


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2018 Blog Goals + Reader Survey and Giveaway

I wasn’t going to do a New Year’s Resolution blog post…however…I suck with accountability, and I thought that while this particular post may not be of much interest to my readers, I feel like I owe it to myself as I begin year number two of blogging. I’m an ENFP personality, which basically means I…

The Greatest Gift

This is a sponsored post by Qeepsake.com. All opinions expressed are my own. Before my wedding, my aunt threw me the most wonderful English tea party bridal shower. The theme: Something old, something new. Each guest brought me something from our registry, as well as an heirloom that they wanted to give to me. I…

It’s Okay to Change Your Mind…

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a stay-at-home-mom. I dreamed of long days spent snuggling with my little babies and nursing them whenever they were hungry; building block towers with my toddlers and zooming airplanes full of healthy vegetables into their adorable little mouths; crafting decorations out of pinecones…

Guilt vs. Gratitude

We were so lucky to have Bryce home with us for three solid weeks right after Max was born. But for the last two weeks, Bryce has been in full blown camp-mode…working long days–like 14 hour days–to get ready for the camp season which started today. Every night that he has come home late, he has…

My Third Trimester Lifesavers!!!

About a month ago, I confidently wore my Toms wedges to my baby showers. And I started getting a little cocky as people kept telling me they couldn’t believe I could wear “heels” at 33 weeks pregnant. “Oh…my feet are just fine! No swelling here! They’re actually comfortable!” Turns out…that was the last day that I…